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About Me


After graduating from the University of Applied Sciences Mainz in 2014 (B.A. Communication Design), I have worked for large clients like WDR and NDR as passionately as I have for medium-sized companies and agencies.
I also have a lot of experience in collaborating with startups and building them up from the scratch, including my own one. Therefore, I would like to take this opportunity to invite young entrepreneurs in particular for a talk.

What I can do for you

My main expertise is to build a strategy and visual branding for your identity. This can start with your logo and also include your packaging design, your website, your advertising campaign or your image film.
I design flexible identities that work across all media channels. I am also experienced with photo and movie shootings. Due to my huge network of media creatives I can build up a team to cover all your needs.

Main Skills

Brand Building / Identity
Starting with a deep analysis of your identity and the needs of your customers, the first visible result is usually a logo that conveys the essence of your message with a concise and exceptional visual language. Defining colors, style and impressions that create a unique identity is part of any basic corporate design, building the foundation for all other necessary applications such as packaging design or social media campaigns.
Packaging Design
A strong packaging design convinces at first sight and immediately reveals the high quality and the USP of your product. Retail and amazon products in particular have to stand out against many competitors. Strong packaging design is the basis for successful customer loyalty.
Web Design
Everyone needs a good website. It has to be user-friendly and professional looking, responsive, and it needs a strategic UX design to gently guide the user through your storytelling. I have basic programming skills that allow me to build websites on many popular systems. In the last couple of years I also developed intermediate SEO and content strategy skills, as I am writing a blog about cryptocurrencies ( in my free time.
Advertising Strategy
Okay, you got everything ready: a product, a logo and a really nice website. But nobody has ever seen it. You need publicity, probably a social media campaign and a sales funnel. But what the heck is a sales funnel? See, we should have a chat ­čśë